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Enjoy 5 years worth of weird projects I've made in mostly chronological order.
Many recent projects aren't listed here because they can't be hosted online.

Also check out my math youtube channel, and my github.

Fluid Simulator 8/2021 A simple, interactive, real-time fluid simulator built in JavaScript.
Blue 8/2021 A creative, graphical, and browser-based programming language that makes it easy and enjoyable to get started with programming!
2048 Circle 9/2020 If you love 2048, and you want a harder variation, check out 2048 Circle! When the board is a circle, the game becomes just a bit harder to predict, so there is no simple strategy.
Word Generator 2.0 9/2020 This project uses Markov Chains to generate brand new, original words! Included randomly generated definitions and example sentences as well!
The Lag 8/2020 An extremely difficult game where every movement is delayed by 1 second.
Bob Running AI 8/2020 A running AI named Bob, which uses a simple Neural Network that I made from scratch. This was a part of a competition with my friend N8.
Digit Recognizer 7/2020 This is my very first Machine Learning project in JavaScript. Draw a digit, and it will say which digit you drew! It uses tensorflow.js, a Convolutional Neural Network, and the MNIST dataset.
Beard-ifier 7/2020 Were you made for facial hair? Well there's only one way to find out. Since my computer is slow, I was not able actually make the model for this project, so I used face-api.js instead.
Blue Box 5/2020 Help Blue Box survive in this addictive, hand-drawn, and extremely difficult platformer. Don't feel bad if you can't finish, but it is possible.
A-capella 5/2020 You can record different tracks of yourself singing! Use this to create the sound of an a-capella group. It's all online so you don't have to download anything. It's also 100% free and has no ads.
Animation Maker 3/2020 Create an animated gif in moments! It's 100% online and saves your completed gifs to the server.
Multitasking 5/2020 This is a game where you try to keep your eye on many fish, and then remember who they are. It requires you to multitask which can be quite difficult.
Music Maker 2.0 12/2020 The music maker is now updated! You can now save projects, and it has a new and better look! Create a multi track music piece using this easy-to-learn online tool.
Algebra Expression Simplifier 4/2020 A simple algebra expression simplifier made from scratch.
Jumping Boxes 3/2020 A fun multiplayer game to play with friends, with no ads!
Multiplayer Air Hockey 3/2020 Play Air Hockey in real time with another person! This project was made in collaboration with N8 Programs (see his website at n8programs.com). You need two players on different computers for the game to start.
Chatroom 3/2020 My first big node.js project! Hope you enjoy chatting with your friends online!!
Blue 9/2019 (still continuing) Blue is a simple programming language that makes it easy to create graphic-oriented programs without setting up lots of applications onto your computer! Blue compiles into JavaScript and HTML, so it is easy to turn it into a real website.
Bear Farm 12/2019 Create a bear farming enterprise! Drop bears onto the land (green). Bears grow, need food, grow some more, and then they are ready to be harvested! You can also use robots to do some of the tasks needed.
Infinite Random Maze Maker 11/2019 For those who love extremely difficult mazes, and can never find enough large ones.
Diagrams Editor 8/2019 Have you ever wanted to draw an accurate diagram of a geometry problem without having to download complex software? With diagrams.js, you can quickly and easily draw a colorful and complex diagram! Unlike many other drawing programs, it is made for math problems so there are tons of shortcuts for math-related things. You can move points after you make them, create regular polygons, and more!
Graphing 12/2019 Graph any equation (polynomial, trigonometric, linear, etc.) in the form y=_______ with this graphing program! It's quite easy to use and powerful! You can zoom in and out!
3D Galaxy Flight 8/2019 Fly through an asteroid belt in a far away galaxy. Try to catch as many yellow dots (coins) while avoiding all of the white dots (asteroids). It's entirely 3D! This game will become a chrome extension soon!
7/2020 Magic 8-Ball This is better than an ordinary magic 8-ball because it actually comprehends your question and always answers correctly 100% of the time, not by luck.
Kuma Chatbot 8/2019 The Kuma Chatbot is like Siri. He can answer questions, make conversion, solve math, set timers, and tons more! He's a cute companion and can be quite helpful! View the introductory sideshow for more.
Make a Quiz 12/2019 Make a multiple choice quiz! You can save it so you can share it with your friends or come back to it! It's like Google forums, but you will get your results immediately! You can use this to study, or see how much your friends know about a certain topic!
Scroll 3/2019 In this game, use your mouse pointer to move the black dot (you) away from the enemy blue and red dots. If you touch them, you will lose health points. Green dots will add health points!
Balanco 1/2019 Have you ever tried to balance a tennis racket on your hand? In this game, you can try to balance different objects on different planets! It isn't easy, but it's possible! Helpful hint: When the stick falls to some direction, you want to move your mouse even further in that direction, and balance it out.
Horizon Jump 12/2018 Soar through the sky on a magical, colorful, pathway. Try to avoid the black dots by jumping (just click) and by switching lanes (just move the mouse or tap on the lane that you want to switch to). The green dots allow you to be indestructible, and the reds will delete all of the dots currently on your screen.! If you have an android phone, you can download the app on the Google Play Store!
Sides 6/2019 This is a strategic and colorful game! You can play against another person! (Instructions in the game)
Make a City 8/2018 Have you ever wanted to be a politician? Or create and run your very own city? With this game, you turn an empty grass plain into a bustling city!
Rilakkuma Farm 12/2019 In this game, try to harvest as many bears as possible. You can tap (or click) to plant a bear. It will take a few seconds until you can harvest it (it will change color). Then, you can collect it. If you save up on enough coins, you can get the different power-ups! Get 2000 bears to win the game!
Save The Balloon 8/2018 Use your mouse pointer to ward off the pencils from your balloon as you fly through the sky. Try to keep them from popping it!! When you lose, click to restart.
Play Air Hockey Against an A.I. 8/2018 Thought you were an air hockey champion? Well then, try to beat this A.I. She knows offense, defense, aim, and more!
Slingshot the Bird 8/2018 In this game, you try to get the mommy bird to her nest. The goal is to bring as many worms to her chicks as possible!
Try Not To Kill the Shark 8/2018 This game is not only fun, but it also raises awareness for how polluted our oceans are getting. Try not to let the shark eat too much plastic – it’s health will go down until it dies…
Layered Music Maker 7/2018 This program lets you make complicated masterpieces with up to 10 tracks playing at once! You can create bass lines, melodies, harmonies and more!
Make a Song 6/2018 This is my first real music making project. Click on the different bars to create different pitches! It's super fun, and simple!
Random Word Generator 5/2018 This uses root words, prefixes, and suffixes to create (super cool) random words! You might need to try few random words before you get one that you really like. My personal favorite is Misscribbish - the act of to write wrongly.
Quadratics Calculator 6/2018 This program quickly finds the root of a quadratic equation. If you want to graph it, you can use the graphing program above.
Algebra Solver and Problem Creator 2/2018 This program quickly solves an algebra equation, and creates algebra problems for you to practice on! It's really easy and helpful!
Rilakkuma Jump 1/2018 Try to jump to avoid the red spikes. This is one of my first projects using the HTML canvas element ツ, and one of my first games.
Dots 7/2017 In this game, I used a JavaScript library called woof.js. It was really handy, and I made a super fun game! In this game, you evolve, eat other (green) dots, stay away from red ones, and move up the "food chain"!
Find Your Unicorn Name! 7/2017 Have you ever wondered what your unicorn name is? Well now you can find out! Simply enter your name, and BOOM!
Ice Cream Cone Generator 7/2017 Randomly generates an ice cream cone!
Bob's Dance 5/2016 This is actually one of my first programs with JavaScript, HTML, and CSS ever! Click the different buttons to make Bob dance!
Scratch! 2012+ Scratch is a very simple and fun programming language made for kids. I have made tons and tons of games on it; from an infinite random mario-style game, to Tag!