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Hi there!

I'm Kira, a math nerd, programmer, and youtuber. I love programming, and over the years, I have made a variety of games, tools, websites, and more.

I have a math youtube channel called mathophilia where I make videos about elegant math stuff I come across.
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My Best Stuff:

A creative, graphical, and browser-based programming language that makes it easy and enjoyable to get started with programming!

2048 Circle
If you love 2048, and you want a harder variation, check out 2048 Circle! When the board is a circle, the game becomes just a bit harder to predict, so there is no simple strategy.

The Lag
An extremely difficult game where every movement is delayed by 1 second. Totally not a rage game!

Blue Box
Help Blue Box survive in this addictive, hand-drawn, and extremely difficult platformer. Don't feel bad if you can't finish, but it is possible.

Bob Running AI
A running AI named Bob, which uses a simple Neural Network that I made from scratch. This was a part of a competition with my friend N8.

Algebra Expression Simplifier
A simple algebra expression simplifier made from scratch.

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