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C:\>Hello World
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C:\>cd Hello%20World

C:\Hello%20World>npm run start

Server listening on port 8080
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Kira's Coding Projects: Featured

This is a website filled with cool games, experiments, tools, and math programs! These can be used for coding inspiration, or you can just play them for fun. These were all made by me using JavaScript, HTML5, CSS, and node.js. Note that these projects are not in chronological order, but in order of how much I like the project. Hope you enjoy!

Bob Running AI

A big Machine Learning project in JavaScript! I was able to do everything except the physics engine from scratch because this is the simplest neural network in the world. Surprisingly, after hours of intense coding and tweaking, Bob actually learned how to run and skip (I call it running and skipping, it's not exact)! This is from a competition between me and n8programs, where we both tried to make walking bots.


Blue is a simple programming language that makes it easy to create graphic-oriented programs without setting up lots of applications onto your computer! Blue compliles into JavaScript and HTML, so it is easy to turn it into a real website.

2048 Circle

For those of you who love the game 2048, please check out my new variation: 2048 Circle! There are a ton of variations on the game (in fact, the game itself is a variation of 1024), however none have experimented with a non-square board. When the board is a circle, the game becomes just a bit harder to predict, so there is no simple strategy.

The Lag

An extremely difficult game where every movement is delayed by 1 second.

Algebra Expression Simplifier

This algebra expression simplifier was made entirely with JavaScript, HTML, and CSS from scratch. It supports addition, subtraction, division (by numbers only), multiplication, and exponents. It also handles equations by turning them into expressions and saves your work as you go. I hope this can be helpful to solve your math expressions and equations!

Blue Box

Blue Box was just an ordinary box with an ordinary job and an ordinary life. However, Blue Box craved an adventure. When Blue Box lost his job during a financial recession, he decided to go on the adventure he dreamed about rather than find another ordinary job. Help Blue Box survive in this addictive, hand-drawn, and extremely difficult platformer. Don't feel bad if you can't finish, but it is possible.